I love my team

That’s not something many can say, unfortunately. But it’s true, I love my team and my bosses. To have it good with your team and bosses is something that is very rare and something that… Read More »I love my team

By hook or by crook

Recently I wrote my first ever coding gist from scratch! I know, it really isn’t such a big deal but for me it was really nice to experience some progress being made of my developer… Read More »By hook or by crook

Snippets of the day #2

Previously, I posted a “Tweet of the day” blog post. The idea here was to share some cool tweets that stood out for me. Since the web extends far beyond Twitter (surprise, surprise). I decided… Read More »Snippets of the day #2


All topics relating to worry and anxiety really get my attention. Having been bound and undiagnosed by an anxiety disorder for nearly two decades has made me very sensitive to the subject and somewhat of… Read More »Worry.